FIFA 22 Career Mode: Best list of high potential & low-budget Young players

FIFA veterans will unanimously agree that, the best way to enjoy the Career mode is to start with limited budget team, surviving big competitive league & grinding seasons to eventually win champions league. Best way to deal with tighter transfer budget is to cash in (by selling unfavorable players), use that money to sign affordable young players/wonder-kids with high potential during transfer market. This is your ultimate guide:

Below is the list of around top 110 hottest properties aging ≤21yo with highest rated (≥85)potentials ≤ €40.00M. I have created separate article for players≥€40M. Please note that their potential and value will change every season based on their performance. I will update the list time to time as EA release updates. This will save you the trouble of going through lot of links, opinions of biased friends, social media etc. only to end up with more research and less game time. This should act as

Strikers and Forwards


Attacking Midfielders

Central Midfielders

Defensive Midfielders

Central Defenders

Right Backs

Left Backs


Follow the link below for FIFA 22 Manager career mode tips and tricks:

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