18 tips and advanced tricks for FIFA 22 Manager Career Mode

  1. Giving maximum regular game time. Never let player complain about his game time.
  2. Keep the contract expectations lower, reward more. Example: Contract for a player can be for “Sporadic” role, but you may play him regularly, it will boost his growth. On the other hand, you may have contract with a player for “Crucial” role, the moment you leave that player for 1–2 games, he will complain and morale will go down stunting the growth.
  3. Assign training drills to keep their match sharpness optimum, this helps a lot in game, you can observe it.
  4. Use development plans to increase work rate, weak foot, skill moves etc.
  5. Switch back the development plan to balanced (after you train for position) to ensure even attribute growth
  6. Always play them at preferred position. For example: Never play CM as RW.
  7. Boost morale/Keep the morale high, monitor it all the time. 4 happy smileys on player sticker will ensure boost.
  8. Revise contracts time to time as player grow and add more value.
  9. Do not oversize your squad, you will not do justice to game time. Replace from playing 11 only when player is injured.
  10. Let the magic of Dynamic Potential work for you. Player can have more than designated potential. Do not overthink on numbers.
  11. Do not develop player to play for non natural position especially after age of 22. (Try to avoid)
  12. If you loan player out, chances are he will not be in playing 11 and will not develop in new team.
  13. Most importantly, have your formations that is in favor of growth of players i.e. players should never play out of position
  14. Never let player get threatened by new signings, don’t bench him immediately by playing new player. Substituting would be good idea.
  15. If at all you want to loan the player, always loan out to a team which is lower rated than yours. This ensures game time for your player.
  16. Make most of your homegrown talent.
  17. This tip is no secret. Grab the bargains at early stage of career mode. Follow the link at the bottom of article to get ultimate compilation of best young players in FIFA 22.
  18. Ever wondered what player potential words mean.



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Rushikesh Jadhav

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